Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2031: Will BCH Price go up?

Bitcoin cash price prediction

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2031

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the oldest and most well-known digital currencies that trade every crypto exchange. Bitcoin cash began its journey when it was forked from Bitcoin in 2017. You can easily buy Bitcoin Cash. But are you ready for this? It’s time Bitcoin Cash steals the show from Bitcoin, like in 2017. Let’s see how this Bitcoin Cash price prediction can help you with crucial decisions.

Transactions queued up on most platforms, waiting for confirmation because blocks could not handle the increase in transaction size. In order to battle this, Bitcoin Cash increased the size of blocks to between 8 MB and 32 MB, thereby enabling the processing of more transactions per block.

With a less than one penny transaction cost and the potential to process over 100 transactions per second, Bitcoin Cash is a better viable payment platform. Bitcoin Cash can handle around 25,000 transactions per block. In comparison, Bitcoin processes 1,000-1,500 transactions per block. Bitcoin Cash is also considered a safe investment that – despite its bigger blocks – hasn’t been hacked since it was launched..

The downside is Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have the same adoption, acceptance, or demand level as Bitcoin, so investing in the coin for trading may not be a good option. BCH is never at the base of any trading pairs like BTC is, nor does it have anywhere near the level of market cap or price per token. Weighing these considerations, go through our BitcoinCash price prediction and determine whether BCH is a good coin to add to your investment portfolio.

Today’s Bitcoin Cash price today is $119.20 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $175,535,287. Bitcoin Cash is down 1.94% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #30, with a live market cap of $2,287,925,213. It has a circulating supply of 19,193,881 BCH coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000 BCH coins.

Let’s look at Bitcoin Cash fundamentals to know more about BCH and determine whether to include the coin in your crypto portfolio.

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

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Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency was created due to a hard fork from the Bitcoin network in 2017. Due to a rise in popularity of Bitcoin among investors, its network got congested, sparking debates on how to solve this issue.

The idea of increasing block size limits was proposed. However, this caused a divide in the developer and miner community, which resulted in a new blockchain being split from the existing Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin cash price forecast

Therefore, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was created and distributed to every BTC holder for free.

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular Bitcoin blockchain forks wherein the transaction cost is low. Since then, Bitcoin Cash’s value has reached an all-time high of $4,000 during the 2017 bull run.

Observers noted that Bitcoin Cash also does not have a clearly-defined governance protocol. While other cryptocurrencies, such as Dash and VeChain, have innovated and outlined detailed governance protocols that assign voting rights, the development and design of Bitcoin Cash seem to be centralized with its development teams. Let’s learn more about the Bitcoin Cash price prediction, history, & future of Bitcoin cash.

Later, in 2018 Bitcoin Cash had another fork, resulting in the creation of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Additionally, in 2020 a second major hard fork created Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV did not manage to gain much popularity. However, these coins are still available on practically every major cryptocurrency exchange.

Since its creation in 2017, Bitcoin Cash has seen a market cap of over $60 billion during the 2017 bull run. Right now, it trades just below the $10 billion caps after finding minimum value support at $200 last year.

After that, it regained some bullish momentum and returned above $1,000 in May. Bitcoin Cash price is equal to $577.

Like Bitcoin mining, the Bitcoin Cash network uses something called ASIC miners to validate network transactions in mining, with various Bitcoin miner pools distributed across the world.

Due to increased block size, BCH is harder to mine since it requires more energy per block.

Additionally, BCH was the first of all cryptocurrencies to introduce and effectively test the Segregated Witness (SegWit) upgrade, which separates the transaction data to allow more transactions to be sent at once.

Another advantage that BCH has over Bitcoin is developing smart contracts by using CashScrypt.

Bitcoin Cash Price History

Bitcoin Cash currency traders have seen massive volatility over the past weeks. However, first, let’s look at the BCH value over the past years.

As we can see on the long-term chart, the coin price increased to $4,000 during the bullish trend in 2017.

Over the first weeks of 2018, the BCH price moved significantly lower with the Bitcoin price until support was found at the $600 mark.

BCH regained some of the retracement and reached a local several-day price high of $1,800.

Over the second half of 2018, the Bitcoin Cash forecast price became even more bearish as analysts predicted a complete crash. At the end of 2018, the lowest point was finally reached at $62.

A brief push higher followed, with a further consolidation range established between the $200 support and $450 resistance, where the coin spent the second half of 2019 and 2020.

On the technical chart for BCH over the past year, we saw that the price action had turned bullish after breaking through resistance around $36 at the end of 2020.

The price of the cryptocurrency asset saw increased demand, leading to a test of the $600 mark. BCH/USD retraced and retested the $360 previous resistance as support.

After some consolidation, the crypto market reversed and started moving higher in February.

After several weeks of bullish momentum, a new high of around $750 was reached, meaning a clear medium-term higher high was made.

In May, the entire cryptocurrency market was at its peak, and BCH crossed $1,000. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, bitcoin, and litecoin boosted in early October when US Bank, the country’s fifth-largest retail bank, first offered a cryptocurrency custody service with assistance from sub-custodian NYDIG for fund managers to store their private keys.

Later in October, a leading ETF provider launched the first Bitcoin-linked service in the US. Pro Shares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) gives investors the chance to take their bitcoin returns through a brokerage account. 

The volatility of coin pricing was demonstrated in November 2021 when a fraudulent press release stating that supermarket major Kroger would accept the coin during the holiday season caused a price spike of 4% in 15 minutes.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2031: Will BCH Price go up? 1

Is this recent dip an opportunity to buy into the cryptocurrency before it resumes its upward trend, or is there potential for the price to fall further?

Nevertheless, depending on how the cryptocurrency market responds to various forces, BCH could prove to be a profitable asset or not in the future. Individuals considering this coin an investment option should do their due diligence before engaging the market

Bitcoin Cash New developments

The BCH platform has witnessed relatively slow growth rates over the years, with minimal changes on the platform. However, development is key in ensuring growth within the crypto space. A project known as Anyhedge is a Bitcoin Cash-centric project that seeks to ensure the execution of smart contracts following its release; close to 300 onchain smart contracts were created, which led to more than $32000 being successfully hedged.

The recently released project allows users to mitigate risks and bet on the future price of Bitcoin based on their understanding of future price projections. Individuals can buy Bitcoin cash and take a long position as long as their Bitcoin cash price forecast is optimistic. The Anyhedge is among the few projects that have been built around the BCH ecosystem.

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

The price of Bitcoin Cash appears to be bullish for the long term. The price analysis of the token shows the BCH cryptocurrency is undervalued, and holding the token for the long term could lead to significant gains. As of this writing, the price change of the BCH token has been minimal over the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency has recorded a 0.15% positive change.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2031: Will BCH Price go up? 2

Similarly, the BCH token recorded a trading volume of $279,518,857.02 within the past 24 hours. The figures show an optimistic trend that could be interpreted as a solid indication of an uptrend. The trading volume of Bitcoin cash has gone up by 10.71%, cementing its bullish strength despite the minimal changes in price.

Currently, the BCH token ranks at number #30 on the Coinmarket cap with a market dominance of 0.24%, making it one of the most stable crypto projects. The technical analysis chart below analyzes the predicted price of Bitcoin Cash is bullish after breaking into bullish territory. The price development comes after the price consolidation. The predicted bullish momentum would therefore have a solid base to propel the prices higher and higher in the following years.

Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions by Cryptopolitan

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2031: Will BCH Price go up? 3

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)

Bitcoin cash price prediction remains bullish for the long term. However, the current crypto winter has led to a significant price drop in the value of several crypto coins. The crypto market has been on a downward trend for nearly 11 months. Despite the prices falling over the past few months, it is clear that the crypto industry is still strong, and many crypto price movements are expected to resume an upward trajectory by the end of the year.

Looking at the price predictions of the BCH token, the cryptocurrency is predicted to record significant price gains over the years from 2022 to 2031, and long-term investors could realize significant returns on their investments. Following the price predictions, the BCH token price is termed as a long-term good investment token by Cryptopolitan. The predicted average trading price of the BCH token by 2030 is $2,834.34, implying significant price increases from the current price.

Below is a detailed analysis of the forecasted price of Bitcoin Cash from 2022 to 2031.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2022 is a maximum of $135.43. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $128.26 and a low of $123.61 for the same year. The 2022 year has been shaky for most crypto projects. The crypto market has generally witnessed a downtrend that has led to the total crypto market cap falling significantly.

The Bitcoin Cash token is arguably one of today’s most stable and resilient crypto coins. Despite the price dips, analysts show the token’s price could bounce back and resume to record price increases in subsequent years. Based on the above figures, it is a clear price analysis for 2022; it is clear that there is a possibility for the prices to increase towards the end of the year, considering the current trading price of the BCH coin.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2023

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2023 is a maximum of $219.77. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $184.55 and a low of $178.14 for the same year. In 2023, the price of Bitcoin Cash is projected to begin steady growth in an upward direction. The prices are beginning to recover from the significant downward trends experienced in 2022, as the price consolidates around the $190 trading price. According to price forecasts, the BCH coin could set a solid base for further upward price movements in 2023 and beyond. The analysis shows solid positive growth, encouraging BCH holders to better future returns.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2024

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2024 is a maximum of $312.75. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $276.08 and a low of $266.85 for the same year. Similarly, the price of Bitcoin Cash in 2024 continues to showcase a bullish trend. The predicted prices appear bullish, despite the increased price volatility during the year.

The price difference between Bitcoin cash’s minimum price and maximum price continues to widen. The widening of the gap is a clear indication of wider price variations in 2024, which symbolizes high volatility. According to analysis, high crypto volatility could be a recipe for higher price gains or significant price drops in subsequent years.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2025

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2025 is a maximum of $472.92. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $417.00 and a low of $403.19 for the same year. In 2025, the BCH price prediction shows a continuation of the upward trend. Here, significant growth in the trading volume is projected as the demand for the Bitcoin Cash coin increases.

Due to the token’s platform infrastructure, Bitcoin Cash allows for faster transaction speed at more affordable rates. Bitcoin cash’s predicted increase in demand raises its value per coin, making it one of the most preferred tokens. According to the analysis, the price volatility remains high, despite the increase in trading volume. An increase in trading volume, accompanied by an increase in value, is a solid foundation for further price gains, as high volume helps set a new support level for the token’s price.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2026

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2026 is a maximum of $693.69. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $611.73 and a low of $595.06 for the same year. The Bitcoin Cash token’s price appears to continue steadily rising as the trading volume and value of the token increase.

The projected increase in value of the Bitcoin cash token is attributed to the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in general and the crypto market boom that is projected to cause price increases. The Bitcoin cash coin, being one of the most popular crypto projects, continues to benefit significantly from these adoptions leading to impressive price gains.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2027

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2027 is a maximum of $1,006.99. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $906.30 and a low of $875.71 for the same year. The predicted maximum value of BCH price in 2027 is predicted to hit the coveted $1000 mark. The price projection shows the token could increase in price to even higher highs in subsequent years.

Considering the current price of the BCH token, these will translate to handsome profits for its long-term holders. There is an apparent widening of the range between the forecasted Bitcoin Cash maximum and minimum price. These differences are a result of high price volatility in 2027. According to the analysis by cryptopolitan, the token’s price could skyrocket in the following years.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2028

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2028 is a maximum of $1,500.31. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $1,304.22 and a low of $1,258.91 for the same year. In 2028, the BCH price begins to grow exponentially as more strength is established for the bullish trend. The BCH price is expected to record significant price increments during the year that could easily hit the $1500 price target.

The exponential growth is projected to continue throughout the year as the predictions indicate an even stronger upward momentum. According to the analysis, the token’s trading volume continues to increase, making it a solid bullish trend. The increase in trading volume solidifies the forecasted Bitcoin Cash prediction, which shows many traders as expecting the BCH price prediction to remain optimistic beyond 2028. Following the principles of fundamental analysis, the Bitcoin Cash token could continue to increase in value over time, making it a good investment for long-term crypto holders.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2029

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2029 is a maximum of $2,119.11. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $1,858.29 and a low of $1,806.12 for the same year. Additionally, the price of BCH in 2029 is predicted to witness significant price changes due to the forecasted price volatility.

The increased price volatility could lead to high differences in the price of Bitcoin Cash, as shown by the figures above. The difference between the minimum price and maximum price of Bitcoin cash continues to widen, showing more volatility within the crypto space. As prices continue to grow, many investors tend to believe in the upward trend and continue to buy more tokens. Ideally, the increase in demand for the BCH token is projected to continue in the subsequent years, according to the technical predictions.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2030

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2030 is a maximum of $3,161.55. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $2,834.34 and a low of $2,760.01 for the same year. By 2030, many crypto holders will target good returns based on the current prices. Ideally, many digital assets tend to increase in value over time and holding a token until 2030 could lead to significant price gains.

According to the price predictions, the price of Bitcoin Cash could reach above the $3000 trading price, recording tremendous price gains. The token is expected to record handsome profits for its long-term holders, as the upward trend is forecasted to continue steadily. A continuous upward trend for Bitcoin Cash will eventually lead to a reversal. Therefore, investors are encouraged to do their own research and come up with risk management techniques to avoid losing profits.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2031

Our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2031 is a maximum of $4,764.79. We can expect the BCH price to be around an average of $4,158.38 and a low of $4,016.66 for the same year. By 2031, the forecasts show massive crypto adoptions within the finance and blockchain fields. The token predicted price clearly indicates the anticipated growth rates that could lead to handsome profits for long-term holders.

In 2031, the prices appear to begin slowing down as the bullish strength appears to weaken. According to the analysis, the high demand for the BCH token is maintained, and several use cases will be available. The general cryptocurrency growth rate is expected to slow down in 2031 as price consolidation commences. Further price forecasts are not clear; however, if the demand is maintained beyond 2031, the prices of BCH could continue to rally beyond $5000 in subsequent years.

WalletInvestor Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

Wallet Investors’ price prediction for 2022 and beyond indicates the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency is a bad long-term investment. Their smart technical analysis shows the token’s price would continue on its downward spiral for the next one year to trade at market prices below $10. In this case, the prices of BCH will have significantly dropped within the one-year price forecast by Wallet Investor. The predictions show the Bitcoin Cash token as a bad and high-risk token for a one-year price prediction that could lead to potential losses. Based on their figures, the price of a BCH coin by 2023 could be a minimum value of $9.482.

TradingBeasts Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

The Trading Beasts platform price prediction is optimistic about the price of Bitcoin Cash. The price forecasts indicate a slow and steady growth of the BCH coin, indicating a relatively bullish trend. The forecasts show the token could trade at an average price of $143.567 in its one-year forecasted bitcoin cash price. Based on the current price, the predictions represent a 17% increase in the Bitcoin cash value. Further value analysis shows consistent value increases that could see the BCH coin increase by 103% in subsequent years. Based on their data, the BCH coin could trade at a maximum price of $310.93 by the end of 2025, showing an increase of over 100% based on the current price.

Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

The Bitcoin Cash movement is a result of its separation from the Bitcoin team in a quest to make a better blockchain network that can achieve the fundamental goals of Bitcoin, such as being widely used as a currency. The idea led to the development of Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency that settles transactions in a much faster and more affordable way compared to its parent, Bitcoin. Despite achieving some of its goals, the platform has failed to earn individuals’ trust compared to Bitcoin.

According to many crypto industry experts, Bitcoin Cash networks provide mixed emotions for many. Several critics of the platforms encourage crypto enthusiasts to sell bitcoin cash. However, a solid online community supports the ecosystem and its projects, making it a largely acceptable cryptocurrency.

According to Kim Dotcom, “The global markets will crash very hard. Banks invest the majority of customer deposits (your money) in stock markets. Soon you’ll not be able to withdraw your funds. Banks & ATMs will have daily withdrawal limits like in 2008.

This is when crypto UTILIZATION takes off.

The current crypto crash is like the Dotcom bubble. Most crypto projects will disappear. A few will survive. Those that become the most utilized for payments will strive.

I believe #BitcoinCash is one of them. My favorite for utilization.”

The future price of Bitcoin Cash is difficult to predict, as different analysts hold different points of view. Some experts think it has excellent growth potential in a world where digital payment methods and cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity.


Bitcoin Cash is a highly rated cryptocurrency with proven market resilience. This stance is further backed by recent developments in Canada, as several provinces placed a yearly net buy limit on all cryptocurrencies, excluding Bitcoin Cash and three other assets. 

As a cryptocurrency with great fundamentals, Bitcoin Cash potentially could someday go to the moon again. But that will depend on the crypto market’s behavior in the coming months. If the crypto market continues to follow its trajectory from 2017-2021, then BCH will have growth potential and be a good investment.

When considering investing in Bitcoin Cash, it’s important to stay abreast of developments in the market and not just depend on Bitcoin Cash price predictions. Monitor the trading price, support, and resistance levels to make an informed decision.

Despite the overall positive outlook of our Bitcoin Cash prediction, there are still several issues investors should consider. Regulation is a significant factor most experts agree will affect cryptocurrency prices soon.

Since its inception,  the adoption of Bitcoin Cash has increased steadily. In June 2022, BCH received a significant boost as a renowned crypto exchange, Bitcoin of America, made the token accessible on its crypto ATMs across the U.S. Such developments reflect an unwavering interest in the Bitcoin hard fork. In the coming years, BCH network developers will roll out new features that we believe could further fuel interest in Bitcoin Cash, thus positively impacting its value.

Nevertheless, depending on how the cryptocurrency market responds to various forces, BCH could prove to be a profitable asset or not in the future. Individuals considering this coin an investment option should do their due diligence before engaging the market.

If you want to buy BCH, it’s worth checking out some of its top cryptocurrency platforms. Some of these include Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, and eToro. We strongly advise you to conduct your research and analysis before investing in cryptos. It’s important to understand that the crypto market is a high-risk zone, and crypto traders are susceptible to losing money rapidly. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Will Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price crash? Or will it go to the moon?

The fundamentals of BCH are strong, and its adoption as a payment method has grown over the years. The coin will most likely not crash.

Is BCH a good investment?

Bitcoin Cash could be a potentially good investment in the long term, depending on where the market goes.

Will BCH price go up?

The previous bull run of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) saw the digital asset increase 18 times in value, earning it a place in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. With BCH now trading around $131.93, there is potential to see similar price development.

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